FAQ About Quartz Slabs Sep 08, 2020

Q: How much is a full slabs of quartz?

A: MRD Stone 2cm engineered quartz slabs price start from about 30usd/m2. The accurate price depends on the colors and designs. The Calacatta quartz slab price is the most expensive among quartz colors. 


Q: Is quartz cheaper than granite? 

A: It depends on the designs. For the luxury granite, their prices are very high. And Calacatta quartz price is high too. If the normal popular granites and quartz, quartz price is higher than granites. 


Q: Can you put hot pans on engineered quartz? 

A: Yes, sure. The engineered quartz is heat-resistant, putting a hot pan on its surface is no problem. Also the quartz can water resistance, stain resistance, is good material for kitcen countertops. 


Q: Does engineered quartz stain? 

A: Engineered quartz is stain resistant. Food, drink coloring stains can be remove easily from quartz slab surface. 


Q: Does engineered quartz scartch?

A: No. Engineered quartz is hard material, it can be scartched easily. 


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