• FAQ About Granite Paving May 13, 2020
    Q: Does granite paving stain? A: Granite paving have good stain resistance, but is not 100% stain-proof. The harder granites have better resistance to stain.    Q: Can you use granite for a patio?  A: Yes. Granite is very suitable for outdoor using. It is hard and durable, the granite...
  • FAQ About Quartz Slabs Sep 08, 2020
    Q: How much is a full slabs of quartz? A: MRD Stone 2cm engineered quartz slabs price start from about 30usd/m2. The accurate price depends on the colors and designs. The Calacatta quartz slab price is the most expensive among quartz colors.    Q: Is quartz cheaper than granite?  A: I...
  • FAQ About Granite Tombstones Sep 09, 2020
    Q: What is better for a headstone marble or granite?  A: Granite is a better material for headstone, because it is harder, water and sunshine resistance, can withstand different weather and last longer. But marbles usually have cracks and chips, is more sofer.    Q: What is the best c...
  • FAQ about Granite Slabs Mar 13, 2012
    Q: How much is a typical slabs of granite?  A: The granite slabs have different dimensions, the cost depends on the actual size. The cheapest granite we have is Chinese granite G602, it small slabs 240upx70upx2cm is around 10usd/m2 FOB China port.   Q: Is granite cheaper than quartz? A: Ge...

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