FAQ About Granite Paving May 13, 2020

Q: Does granite paving stain?

A: Granite paving have good stain resistance, but is not 100% stain-proof. The harder granites have better resistance to stain. 


Q: Can you use granite for a patio? 

A: Yes. Granite is very suitable for outdoor using. It is hard and durable, the granite flooring tiles, wall cladding are widely used outdoor, and they can last long. 


Q: Which is best paving stone?

A: According to our experience, granite is the best paving stone material. It is economic, quality is good and stable, can be used for indoor and outdoor as paving tiles. 


Q: Are granite paving slabs slippery? 

A: The granite paving slabs with flamed, bush-hammered surface are not slippery, is very suitable for outdoor projects. If for indoor, the polished granite tiles are slippery, can consider honed surface tiles. Honed surface is lower polished degree, is lower slippery too. 


Q: What's the most durable paving? 

A: Granite paving slab is the most durable paving. It is harder than marble, can last for hundreds of year, is water resistant, low absorption rate. Also granite paving slabs need low maintaince.

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