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>2000m2 Private Villa Wall Cladding Project Nov 27, 2021

The villa is located in the Zhangzhou city, Fujian province, China, is just 30km distance from the Xiamen airport. Xiamen MRD Stone supplied the cream wall cladding tiles for this luxurious 6-bedroomed villa.


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FAQ about Granite for Villa Projects:

Q: Can granite be used for exterior cladding? 

A: Yes, sure. Granite has good durability and texture, it is a very strong mateterial for building exterior cladding applications. 


Q: Is granite cladding durable for villa project? 

A: We strongly suggest you consider granite for your villar project. Granite wall cladding is more resistance to breaking and chipping than concrete etc. materials. 


Q: How thick is expetior granite wall cladding? 

A: Wall cladding granite usually is 30mm and 40mm. 


Q: Is granite cladding tile expensive? 

A: Granite cladding is more expensive than conrete cladding, but is cheaper than marble ladding. 

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