Nano glass vanity tops countertop super white color for interior design -


Nano Glass Vanity Tops Countertop Super White Color For Interior Design

Granite, marble, nano and quartz countertops immediately transform a kitchen or bathroom from good to great. While aesthetics may be subjective, the tangible response people have to natural stone countertops is always positive because they look so great. Natural stone countertops last a lifetime. And nano glass vanity tops is also popular now in the market. Nano glass vanity tops are incredibly durable, require minimal maintenance and can withstand the spills, accidents and mishaps that often accompany day-to-day living.

Material Nano Glass Vanity Tops Countertop with Super White Color for Interior Design
Surface Finished Polished
Design Welcome your design

2cm, 3cm


More than 300 kinds colors for choice or can match the color as your sample

Edge Bevel Double, Bevel Top Single, Bull Nose Double, Bull Nose Half, Bull Nose Single, etc
Quality Offer sophisticated modern technology, It’s can be resistant to heat, stain, bacteria, and impact
Warranty 10 years limited warranty
Sample Free material sample can be sent
Certification CE and SGS
Service Can supply bathroom wash sink ,wash bowl ,cut holes
Home application Countertop, vanity top, basin (sink), wall, shower, table etc
Commercial application Reception counter, pole, windowsill, brand, work counter for the fast food, table for the bar etc
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