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Just How To: Cut Granite

Just How To: Cut Granite

Follow the steps below to adjust the size of the granite piece or floor tile to make sure that it fits flawlessly with your brand-new kitchen counter or backsplash.

A prominent option for bathroom and kitchen upgrades, polished as well as secured granite has classic charm, sturdiness, and reduced upkeep, a couple of various other materials can match. But this type of natural rock is expensive, from 15 to 40 United States dollars per square foot, and also an extra 25 to 35 United States bucks per square foot for professional installation. A method to save a lot of cash in a fantastic update? Find out how to cut granite on your own.
Granite is extremely dense as well as tough, so you should wait patiently and use the proper devices to finish the job. Below are all the directions you require to successfully reduce granite pieces (normally 1 1/4 inches thick, but approximately 1 1/2 inches thick) as well as ceramic tiles (roughly 3/8 inches thick) for your house enhancement job.
Devices and also products
C-clip, painter’s tape, tape measure, enduring marker, goggles, dirt mask, ear security, round saw, diamond reducing saw blade, damp saw, shop vacuum, cotton dustcloth
Reducing granite slab
action 1
Select a common round saw or a wet-cut round saw to reduce granite. Both are great, yet the wet-cut round saw produces really little dust, thanks to the little tubes that drip water onto the granite surface during cutting. Ideally, cut granite pieces outdoors to simplify cleaning.
Step 2
Area the granite piece on a solid work surface and also use C-clamps to fix it every couple of feet along the side of the piece to protect it securely. The marked workbench functions well, however, stay clear of putting the board on something that might move, such as a sawhorse. By dealing with the sheet with clamps, you will certainly decrease the resonance and emotion of the slab, both of which can trigger cracking.

Step 3
Put on a dust mask, goggles, as well as ear defense to shield yourself. The noise of cutting granite is very loud, and also if there is no wet-cut circular saw, this is a dusty possibility.
Step 4
Cover the part of the granite you intend to cut with painter’s tape. Due to the fact that the tape is only used to shield the surface area as well as decrease the threat of cracking, the placement of the tape does not need to be specific. Just put a couple of strips on top of the basic location you wish to cut-you will certainly cut it directly.
Step 5
Step meticulously and also make use of a marker to attract a cutting line on the painter’s tape. The smart carpenter’s adage “gauge twice; cut once” applies here. Take a minute to recheck your measurements to ensure you will certainly be reducing at the specific location. When cutting granite, you only have one opportunity to get it right.
Action 6
Install the ruby saw blade marked for cutting granite onto the saw. Then, make a short “back reduced” regarding 2 inches long from completion of the reducing line. This will certainly lower the risk of granite chipping when cutting from the various other end and getting to that place. Post-cutting is essential because the granite material becomes really slim prior to the saw blade travels through the last stone at the end of the board. If there is no back cut, the vibration of the saw may cause breaking and even a large piece.
Action 7
After the post-cut, reposition the saw on the other end of the board and gradually cut along the cutting line. Concentrate on maintaining the saw blade accurately aligned on the cutting line, and maintain a light and secure stress without compelling the saw blade to let the saw blade complete the work. Make use of the exact same light stress till the cut is complete. Relying on the length of the cut, this may take 15 minutes or more.
Tip 8
Peel off the tape from the granite and also appreciate your smooth, tidy cut. Let the granite dust settle and vacuum it away with a store vacuum. If you make use of a wet-cut round saw, you will locate thin damp mud as opposed to dust; wipe it off the board with a damp dustcloth. Mud left on the pathway or driveway can be quickly washed away with a yard hose pipe.

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